Green Apartments Seattle, WA

M Street is dedicated to providing healthier living environments - from recycling and reuse options for our residents and communities to the reduction of the use of pollutants and harmful chemicals to the incorporation of energy efficient materials in our redevelopment and development projects.

Our wish is that you will join us in striving to create a healthier living environment today, tomorrow and for the future generations. Our commitment is to incorporate the following services at every Holland Residential community when applicable.

  • Recycling containers or reusable bags are provided to the residents
  • Installation of bio-bags in pet stations
  • Energy Star compliant office equipment and appliances
  • Utilization of fluorescent bulbs
  • Incorporating zone heating/cooling to minimize electricity usage
  • Standardizing the use of only zero and low VOC paints, limiting toxic chemicals
  • Encouraging paperless applications, rent payment and community correspondence
  • Using FSC paper and wind powered services for printed collateral

 First Hill Seattle, WA Apartments